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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:06 am

Please follow these rules and don't break them or you will get punished.

• Do not post hunt, this means that you are not allowed to double post, edit your reply or topic and add more info or wait for someone to post after you, then you can post again, also don't comkent topics saying things like 'Awesome' or 'Interesting', make it atleast 10, 20 words.. - Punishment 1 Warning Point.

• Do not post links with 18+ adult videos or photos, this means you are not allowed to post horror videos or scary videos/photos or any porn video/photo. - Punishment, Suspended from forum for three days.

• Do not post any links or downloads with hacks/cheats or any other program/software or thing that gives you any advantages. - Punishment, suspended from forums for three days.

• Always be friendly with other members when talking on our forums, don't provoke someone or don't fight here, also don't use bad worlds, they are consored and will make you look like a stupid man - Punishment 1 Warning Point.

• When you submit a new thread or reply, make sure that it is understable, no text color that makes the text invisible or hardly to read, this will lead you to a punishment - Punishment 1 Warning Points.

• Do not advertise, our forums are not for advertising, this is a private gaming community and we are trying to grow, we are not offeri g advertising services - Punishment, suspended from forum for five days and posts under moderation in all topics.
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Forum Rules
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